Friday, January 29, 2010

ഷെയ്ക് സയദ് പള്ളി, അബുദാബി

Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Arabic: مسجد الشيخ زايد) in Abu Dhabi is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and the eighth largest mosque in the world.It is named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and the first President of the United Arab Emirates, who is also buried there. The mosque was officially opened in the Islamic month of Ramadan in 2007.

The design of the mosque can be best described as a fusion of Arab, Mughal and Moorish architecture. The dome layout and floorplan of the mosque was inspired by the Badshahi Mosque and the architecture was inspired by both Mughal and Moorish design. Its archways are quintessentially Moorish and its minarets classically Arab.
World records
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque made some world records:
1)The carpet laid out on the vast expanse is the “World's Largest Carpet” made by Iran's Carpet Company and designed by Iranian artist Ali Khaliqi.

2)This mosque also holds the largest chandelier.

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Abdul Saleem said...

nice picture,need a little bottom

Appu Adyakshari said...

ആ ചന്ദ്രബിംബം പിടിക്കാൻ പോയാണോ ഇത്രയും താഴ്ന്ന ആംഗിൾ എടുത്തത്?


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